Edward Snowden shows how to keep your smartphone from spying on you

A smartphone may be among your most prized possessions, but if hacked, it also acts as a gateway to your most intimate of details. There are many ways to keep your smartphone secure, but if you think your device has been compromised, here are a couple of solutions. These come from none other than Edward Snowden himself, who shows how to make a phone ‘go black’ and prevent it from spying on you.

Snowden says in case of a hack, your phone’ cameras and microphones are weakest links that are taken advantage of. On the next episode of HBO’s Vice, Snowden is shown removing the camera and microphone components from a phone’s logic board.
Removing the cameras is a final step of sorts, and there is no way of going back to video chatting with your friends and loved ones. But even after removing the microphones from the device, Snowden says you can still make or receive calls by using a headset with a mic.

Some might consider these steps to be very extreme, and it also requires some degree of knowledge about a smartphone’s internals. But Snowden has good reasons to be paranoid about his own security. In an interview last year, he said how security agencies these days had the power to hack into and spy on any smartphone user without notifying them.

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