How To Access And Control Your PC From Smartphone Remotely, (Remote Desktop)

No one can deny that our smart phones are getting smarter day by day but they cannot accomplish every task which can be done by our PCs or laptops. Problem is we cannot carry our PCs or laptops around so it is better to connect them anyhow so that all features of our desktop can be accessed from Smart phone. So we are going to talk about this life hack about how to access remote desktop from smart phone to all potato couch there.
Lets talk about basic architecture of the procedure. The device which will be controlled must run a server and multiple clients can connect it in order to control it. So it is basically a client server architecture. So every client demands for IP address of server and server may have some password procedure so that only authorized clients can connect to it. As we know that whole desktop screen streaming may cost significant amount of data so it is only applicable to situations when you are using same Wi-Fi network or same router. For global IP addresses you may require good bandwidth like 3G or 4G and make sure that your router which is providing Internet service to PC allocates IP address statically. If it allocates IP addresses dynamically then after each connection IP address of PC will be different which seems painful.
This procedure is also known as VNC ( Virtual Network Computing ) or RDP ( Remote Desktop Protocol ). So you may install any install any VNC or RDP server on PC and can control that PC from VNC viewer or RDP client respectively. But some servers come to work with their clients only so they are good to go because of better synchronization.
This application is on the top of our list because it supports most of the platforms. TeamViewer server can run on Mac, Windows and Linux so does its client. Client can also run on iPhone, iPad, Windows phone Android. This software is completely free and provides better management of servers and clients. It helps in controlling PC from another PC or smart phone.
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Download TeamViewer and install it for personal or commercial use as your need. Keep other settings default. After successful installation Teamviewer will ope a Window with your ID and password. This ID and password can be used to access the computer from client. Download client on your smart phone and enter your username and password as prompted on server screen. If everything is as per the procedure then your computer screen will be visible on your smart phone screen.
Splashtop is another mirroring application which sometime seems better than TeamViewer. Splashtop also supports MAC, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. It has several editions like personal, education, enterprise and business. All editions differ from each other significantly.
Download Splashtop streamer from website. Run streamer and login to your splashtop account. If you do not have an account then signup and get an account. Now open splashtop app on your smartphone and login with same account. Then you can choose any server to control and mirror.
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3. Chrome Remote Desktop
This chrome extension allows you to control one PC from another. Install this extension from chrome web store if you are on Windows. Linux and Mac will download a software so install them and open apps in Chrome. You will see remote desktop icon. Click on that icon and it will ask you to login to Google account. If you want to share your PC then click on share icon and it will generate a unique PIN which can be used to access your PC from remote machine. In order to access another machine from your machine select that PC from list of machines shared with you and enter its PIN. Chrome Remote Desktop is also available for Android in Play Store.
More instructions are here.
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4.Secure Shell
All above applications mirror screen on another device along with control. They require high bandwidth as well but if you want to imply some commands to your PC then Secure Shell is best option. This option best suits to Linux and Mac users because Windows command prompt does not have much command line control. Mac and Linux has openssh servers their repositories. After installation make sure that SSH server is running. Then install openssh client on your control machine. Android and iOS has many applications for openssh client. My favorite is ConnectBot and JuiceSSH. You an go for any and connect to your Machine by client using SSH commands.
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For connecting to server enter in your client’s terminal
ssh username@172.0.x.x
where username is user at remote machine and part after @ is IP address of remote machine. 
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